The Advertising Education Foundation of Houston Will Make Your Contributions Last

Your contributions to the future of the communications industry can be part of your legacy. You can leave a lasting mark by naming AEFH in your Will or Estate Plan.
You will be helping us accomplish our mission - to provide educational scholarships and grants to future industry leaders. And, you will be fulfilling a part of your life’s mission to give back

Planned Giving allows you to include charitable donations in your overall financial plan. There are a number of ways to tailor your donation to meet everyone’s needs.

Bequests Made in Your Will or Trust

You may choose to provide for the Advertising Education Foundation of Houston by leaving a bequest in your will or trust. This can be made in several ways. Below is a list of some of the bequest options:

  • You can provide for a specific dollar amount (for example, $10,000) to be passed to the AEFH, or you designate a specific percentage of your estate (for example, 5 percent) to be passed to the Foundation.

  • You can designate a specific asset to pass to the Foundation (such as specified securities, works of art or even a residence).

  • You can provide for your loved ones first, and then designate the AEFH to receive the remainder of your estate.

  • Bequests can also be made in memory of a person. Contact us to ensure proper arrangements and recognition.

  • Should you choose any of these options, please make sure you properly identify the Advertising Education Foundation of HOUSTON. Contact us to learn more.


Life Insurance Policies

You can name the Advertising Education Foundation of Houston as the owner and/or the beneficiary of a life insurance policy. If existing life insurance policies are no longer important to your family’s financial security, you can pass along the financial benefits of the policy to the Foundation. As with retirement plans, this transfer generally requires only filling out a form from the insurance company.

We would be pleased to work with you to discuss the giving opportunities mentioned above and to help create a donation plan that meets your needs. We also recommend that you speak with your tax and financial advisors to assist you in developing the plan that is right for you.